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Enfants d'Asie in Vietnam

Rue du Vietnam - Enfants d'Asie

Enfants d’Asie in Vietnam

Rue du Vietnam - Enfants d'Asie

Enfants d'Asie in Vietnam in figures

  • Intervention year: 1995
  • 2,300 children and young people supported individually or collectively
  • 2 members of the local team
  • 450 sponsors
  • 2 intervention areas: Central Highlands and Mekong Delta

Our actions in Vietnam

Vietnam, despite an economic leap in recent years, is experiencing significant development inequalities and many families still live below the poverty line. Due to lack of financial resources, children are forced to drop out of school to help their parents.

Our project directly managed by Enfants d’Asie

études supérieures Enfants d'Asie

Getting young girls to university: the higher education project

Enfants d’Asie set up a pilot project to enable young girls from ethnic minorities to access higher education at Ho Chi Minh’s Universities. About ten young girls are financially and morally supported until they graduate and obtain a job.

Our projects in partnership with local actors

The Religious Congregation of Mary Immaculate

Vietnam Haut plateau Enfants d'Asie

Supporting young girls from ethnic minorities: boarding schools in the Central Highlands

Enfants d’Asie supports six boarding schools near Pleiku, in the Central Highlands region, managed by the Religious Congregation. Nearly 300 young people, mainly girls, from ethnic minorities, are welcomed. Boarding school accommodation allows them to pursue their education under more favourable conditions.

Welcoming underprivileged children to the Maison d’Amour in Thu Duc

In partnership with the Religious Congregation, the Maison d’Amour, in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh, welcomes about 550 children from disadvantaged families, including 90 beneficiaries from Enfants d’Asie. It offers leisure activities, personal support and access to basic necessities.

Thu Duc 2

Women's Charity Association of Ho Minh City (WOCA)


Access to quality education

Enfants d’Asie partnered with the Women’s Charity Association of Ho Chi Minh City (WOCA) to help 40 students from two disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Ho Chi Minh City gain access to a quality education.

The Religious Congregation of Saint Vincent de Paul

Supporting young girls towards education and professional integration: girls’empowerment

Enfants d’Asie established, in partnership with the Religious Congregation, a program to support more than 1300 underprivileged young women in the Mekong Delta region. The objective is to promote the education and professional integration of young Vietnamese girls.

promotion féminine-min
fondation étudiante-min

Accompanying students towards professional integration: the student foundation

Enfants d’Asie partnered with the Congregation of Saint Vincent de Paul to support more than 200 students from disadvantaged families, from universities in Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta. Students are supported financially, morally and academically until their professional integration.

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