Enfants d'Asie, des avenirs à construire !

IFI donation for
Enfants d'Asie

Supporting Enfants d’Asie helps children in Southeast Asia to go to school, live in decent conditions and build a better future, far from poverty.

By supporting our action, you can benefit from a tax reduction allowing you to deduct a part of your donation from your income tax, corporate tax or real estate wealth tax (IFI).

As a taxpayer subject to the Real estate wealth tax (IFI), you can deduct 75 % from you donation to this tax, up to the maximum of 50,000 €.

The Enfants d’Asie Foundation, under the Fondation pour l’Enfance (Children’s Foundation), offers you the advantage of making donations for the Real estate tax (IFI), for the benefit of disadvantaged or endangered children in Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Your donation will contribute to support actions related to :


  • The schooling and training of children and young people that Enfants d’Asie supports: diploma and non-degree training, support for socio-professional integration, acquisition of relational skills (“softskills”) strengthening the employability of young people, health education;
  • Construction and renovation of school buildings and facilities for disadvantaged children and youth (dormitories, schools, refectories, etc.);
  • The provision of equipment and furniture to institutions for disadvantaged youth (classroom furniture, sleeping kits, hygiene products, clothing, etc.).

Thanks to its benefactors, Enfants d’Asie Foundation has helped more than 1,200 girls and teenagers in 2022 through scholarships, basic needs assistance, psycho-social support, orientation and professional integration, as well as access to kindergarten for children in northern Laos through the construction of new kindergarten classes.

Don IFI Enfants d'Asie

« My involvement with Enfants d’Asie is linked to my origins. I was lucky enough to receive good health and morals from my mother. But I lacked a toolbox, the one that one acquires through secondary education and training. For a long time I was ashamed of not having been able to go to school. If you want to have a balanced life, and the word is essential, you have to give back what you have received. The children we support already have the greatest wealth: good health and a well-shaped head! What they lack is “fuel”. So, to get that balance, I decided when my first grandson was born, that I would dedicate part of my money to educate children who are not lucky enough to go to school.”

Generous donor for Vietnam.


Doan, 11th grade student in Vietnam

« I live with my maternal grandmother and my two younger sisters, my parents have abandoned us for several years. My grandmother is elderly and has a heart condition and can no longer work. My youngest sister has a congenital leg defect and cannot go to school. My other sister is in 10th grade but had to leave school to work as a laborer. All the family expenses depend on her salary. Looking at her hard sacrifices, I am motivated to study better. (…) For the past two years, I have been living in a hostel during the week, which allows me to focus on my studies. I will take my baccalaureate at the end of the year. »

don IFI enfants d'asie témoignage

Tax benefits

A donation to the Foundation entitles you to a reduction of 75% of your real estate wealth tax (IFI), up to a limit of 66,667 euros, giving you the right to 50,000 euros of tax exemption per association.

As an example, a donation of 10,000 € comes to 2,500 € after deduction.

Don IFI Enfants d'Asie Déduction

A tax receipt will be sent to you by email or by mail (according to the preferences indicated) by the Foundation, in the weeks following the collection.

The tax return on real estate wealth is made at the same time as the tax return. It can be done in paper version or by tele declaration. The deadline for the latter depends on where you live. You will be able to transfer the amount indicated on the tax receipt sent following your donation. It must be kept for 3 years and may be requested in the event of a tax audit. Do not hesitate to consult the governmental website for any practical information: www.impots.gouv.fr.

We propose you to make your donation :

  • By credit card, PayPal or bank transfer
  • By check, payable to : Fondation pour l’Enfance / Fondation Enfants d’Asie

Addressed to: Enfants d’Asie

 Immeuble Mundo M
 47 avenue Pasteur
 93 100 Montreuil

For more information, contact: fondation@enfantsdasie.com


How do I know if I am subject to the real estate wealth tax?

The real estate wealth tax concerns individuals with net real estate assets of over 1.3 million euros on January 1 of the tax year.

The net real estate wealth is equal to the total amount of your real estate assets minus the total amount of your debts related to taxable assets.

You have to pay the real estate wealth tax (IFI) if the net value: Value after deduction of debts of your real estate assets exceeds 1 300 000 €. The IFI is calculated by applying a progressive scale to the net taxable real estate assets. A discount: Reduction of the amount of tax to pay is provided for assets not exceeding a certain threshold (service-public.fr)

The tax household taken into account for the IFI consists of :

  • single, widowed, divorced or separated persons
  • spouses, whatever their matrimonial regime (including spouses married in N-1, having opted for separate taxation of their income)
  • Civil solidarity pact
  • Cohabitants
  • underage children for whom you (or your spouse) have the legal administration of property.

The IFI is declared at the same time as the income tax. The deadline for filing depends on the method of declaring your income (paper or online) and your department of residence.

For more information,  you can visit www.service-public.fr website

Why make an IFI donation?

Making an IFI donation allows you to benefit from a tax reduction of 75% of the payments for the current fiscal year, within the limit of 50,000€ (donation up to 66,670€), instead of 66% for income tax

As an example, a donation of 10,000 € comes to 2,500 € after deduction.

500 € après déduction.

Which tax exemption?

If you are concerned by the IFI, the amount of your donations will be deductible from your IFI up to 75% and within the limit of 50 000 € (donation up to 66 670 €). For example, a donation of €10,000 is €2,500 after deduction.

If the threshold for the IFI is 1.3 million euros, the calculation of the tax is applicable from 800 000 €.

Please note that you cannot combine the tax benefits of the IFI and the IR for the same donation.

In order to reduce the tax on real estate wealth, it is necessary to mention the donations made on the IFI declaration, with the exception of the donations declared for the income tax reduction.

The excess amount cannot be carried forward to the following year for the IFI. But if your donation exceeds the limit of 50 000 € or the amount of your IFI, you have the possibility to declare a part of it for a tax exemption on your IFI and the other to defiscalise your Income Tax.

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