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Together, let's help children towards a better future!

Even today, many children in Southeast Asia do not have access to education or have difficulties to attend school in good conditions. An effective way to get children out of poverty is to support them in their studies and in building their future through sponsorship.


We help children and young people in many aspects related to schooling thanks to our global accompaniment.


Professional integration is a major challenge for Enfants d'Asie to enable young people to enter the workforce in the best possible way.


To enable children and young people to get out of precariousness, Enfants d'Asie offers them a psycho-social follow-up.

Sponsorship with
Enfants d'Asie

Thanks to your donations, we set up programs for underprivileged children in Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, and Vietnam. We accompany them to their financial autonomy so that they can become responsible adults.

By becoming a sponsor, you join the community of donors of Enfants d’Asie; your donations are pooled to have an even greater impact on the children.

You can follow the impact of your support through an exchange of letters with your godchild or by receiving information about our programs and the children they support.

Sponsor a chil

For 33€/month (i.e. 11,20€/month after tax deduction), you sponsor a child to support him in his schooling and follow his evolution on the long term

Sponsor a student

For 55€/month (i.e. 18,7€ after tax deduction), you sponsor a young person to support him/her in his/her studies in one of our 4 countries of intervention.

Sponsor a group

You sponsor a community of children from 20€/month (i.e. 6,80€/month after tax deduction). You participate in the development of programs in the country of your choice.


welcomed at the Maison d’Amour in Vietnam

“My name is Anh. I’m 7 years old and in first grade. I like to read and draw.

I don’t know who my father is, but I have a mother who loves me very much and I love her too. My mom has several jobs. She sells old clothes and flowers during Tet, and she can also work as a mason’s helper, even though it’s difficult. She changes jobs all the time.

After school in the morning, I go to Xuân Phuong (House of Love) in Thu Duc. Every day, I eat lunch, take a nap and do my homework in the afternoon. I can also dance, sing and play. I’m very happy to be welcomed at the Maison d’Amour.

When I grow up, I want to be a teacher, and maybe even an entrepreneur.”

Anh parrainage vietnam enfants d'asie

In concret terms, what does my sponsorship involve?

With Enfants d’Asie, you can sponsor a child by giving 33€/month and a student by giving 55€/month. This support allows us to offer your godchild the necessary elements for his/her academic and professional success and to give him/her the means to live with dignity.

Sponsorship is thought of as a long-term support that allows the child or young person to benefit from the means necessary for his or her learning throughout schooling, as well as his or her means of subsistence to learn in the best conditions.

For 1€/day, you give a child the chance to go to school and build his or her future with peace of mind
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