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Actions in Vietnam

Despite an economic leap forward in recent years, Vietnam is experiencing major inequalities in development, with many families still living below the poverty line. Lacking financial resources, children are forced to abandon their studies in order to help their parents.

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Higher education

Enfants d’Asie provides financial and moral support to a dozen young girls from ethnic minorities, enabling them to study at universities in Ho Chi Minh City. The Études Supérieurs project accompanies them through their higher education until they graduate and enter the job market. They also benefit from the extra-curricular activities provided by the project, such as educational visits.

Partnerships with local organizations

Enfants d’Asie works in partnership with local organzations, including religious congregations, which have enabled us to set up numerous projects. In the Hauts Plateaux region, the association supports young girls from ethnic minorities in 6 boarding schools, enabling them to continue their education in more favorable conditions. The Promotion Féminine project supports almost 1300 underprivileged girls in the Mekong Delta region, and promotes the schooling and professional integration of Vietnamese girls. More than 200 students from universities in Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta, from disadvantaged families, are supported financially, morally and academically until they enter the workforce through the Student Foundation project. Finally, Xuân Phương (the House of Love) offers 45 underprivileged children from Thu Duc in Ho Chi Minh City a safe place where they can blossom while their parents are at work. They benefit from leisure and educational activities, homework help and access to basic necessities.

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PARC (Protection association rights children)

In partnership with a Vietnamese civil society organization, HACRP (Ho Chi Minh City Association For Children’s Rights Protection), this project supports 150 children and young people from disadvantaged families living in the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City. It aims to support their education and development through scholarships, access to healthcare and individualized socio-educational support provided by social workers.

WOCA (Women’s Charity Association Ho Chi Minh City)

Enfants d’Asie has set up a partnership with the Women’s Charity Association of Ho Chi Minh City (WOCA) to help disadvantaged pupils in the Hoc Mon and District 6 neighborhoods gain access to quality education. This support takes the form of school grants, socio-educational support for children and families by social workers, etc. 16 young girls removed from their family environment to protect them and supported by Enfants d’Asie also benefit from the Ga Sai Gon foster home run by WOCA.

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