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Sponsor a child
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Individual sponsorship

What is the individual sponsorship? It is supporting a child in his/her schooling and getting to know him/her through the exchange of 2 to 3 letters/photos/drawings per year.


The children we support come from very poor families and live in precarious conditions. They live either in a center (internal) or with their families (external). They are identified by our field teams and their situation is analyzed thanks to a social investigation before joining our program. Depending on the family’s situation, certain files may be given priority.

What kind of support do you provide for your sponsored child?

  • Regular and personalized follow-up by a social worker
  • Advice on his/her orientation and professional project
  • Ensuring his/her basic needs


welcomed at the Smong center in Vietnam

Nita is a girl who depends on our center in Smong, located about 30 kilometers from Takeo in the south of Cambodia.

She is 13 years old and lives with her older sister at their grandparents’ house. Her parents work in Phnom Penh as factory workers. Despite the financial difficulties, the parents encourage their children to go to school. Nita is a good student and she likes to study.

When our social worker told her that she now had a sponsor, Nita felt happy and grateful. She immediately wrote a letter of welcome to her new sponsor.

In September, Nita moved up to the next grade in high school and with our support, she feels confident about her future studies.

parrainage individuel nina
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