Enfants d'Asie, des avenirs à construire !

A day of sports

for children in Vietnam!

In collaboration with the Fondation CMA CGM, Enfants d’Asie organised in Vietnam a sporting event, on Sunday February 24 which brought together 45 supported children and young people, their parents and around 20 CMA CGM employees for a morning of physical activities, laughter and sharing.

Sports play a crucial role in the education and development of children. It teaching values of respect, teamwork while also promoting physical and mental health.

The activities started with group games with CMA CGM employees and the children, then continued with mini football matches. These moments of conviviality not only strengthened the bonds between the participants but also promoted the importance of sports in education and child rights. In addition to this, a training on positive education was given by the organisation Save The Children to the parents.

The feedback on this day was unanimously positive. In addition to giving the children a space were they could express themselves, learn and have fun, this day also highlighted the commitment of the Fondation CMA CGM to youth development.

We want to say a big thank you to the Fondation CMA CGM for their support. Our partnership shows that togetehr we can improve the lives of unpriviledged children.

We can create a better future for the children through education and sports, by teaching them values that are crucial for their development and by giving them the opportunity to grow in a healthy and stimulating environment. We look forward to continuing this great adventure with Fondation CMA CGM.

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