Enfants d'Asie, des avenirs à construire !

Interview with Sreymom, alumni

Sreymom was welcomed in the center of Borey Niseth in Phnom Penh and was followed by the team from this center before leaving for China.
Could you introduce yourself ?
My name is Sreymom. I am recently 20 years old.
Where do you from ?
I am from Kampong Thom province.
What do you study in China ?In which University ?
In China, now I am studying Chinese language, only one during one year. Next year I will continue the university with the food science major. My university is Tianjin university.
Why you decide to go in China ?
I decide to go to study in China because the universities in China are good university with a high-education level. Moreover I want to help my parents to pay my studies. Thanks to the scolarship in China I don’t need them.
What job you would like to do in the future ?
In the future I want to have a good job. If possible, I would like to have my own business.
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