Enfants d'Asie, des avenirs à construire !

Testimony from Lucie Le Guennec

Following a two-year local mission in Cambodia, Enfants d’Asie would like to thank Anne-Charlotte Schuhmacher, assistant director, for her dedication and her quality of work.

Currently, Lucie Le Guennec is following in the footsteps of Anne-Charlotte alongside disadvantaged children in Cambodia.

She shares her thoughts with us:




I am thrilled to be joining Enfants d’Asie for a two-year mission as an international solidarity volunteer. I will be assisting the local director in carrying out projects in Cambodia.

Previously, I have been a project manager for a corporate foundation. This experience allowed me to instigate programmes and projects in France and abroad in conjunction with humanitarian and environmental organisations in the public and private sector.

I then joined a consulting agency specialising in NGO-Corporate relations and most recently was fortunate enough to collaborate with a local association working at education accompaniment in Brittany.

My various professional experiences as well as my voluntary commitments have allowed me to always act in favour of childcare, a domain which I hold close to my heart.

The missions which the association has entrusted in me are in keeping with my career path and my growing desire to work in the field.

Whilst travelling in South Asia over a year ago, I visited Cambodia where Enfants d’Asie has now been present since 1991. It is actively participating in the schooling of young children up until their final studies. Enfants d’Asie considers the well-being in general of their beneficiaries, assuring their housing in centers and orphanages, daily meals and social and medical monitoring.

The team at the central office, based in Phnom Penh, the regional managers and their assistants as well as the health manager are all responsible for the development day after day of the actions in favour of disadvantaged children.

I am proud to accompany Enfants d’Asie and I would like to thank the entire team as well as the sponsors who insure the accomplishment of long-lasting projects in Cambodia”.


Lucie Le Guennec.

Assistant Director Cambodia.


*Hello in Khmer.

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