Number of children supported: more than 2 200
Number of sponsors: almost 500

With a presence in Vietnam since 1995, the organisation supports more than 2000 children throughout the country, from the Mekong Delta to the central highlands. The programme combines the construction of infrastructure, the allocation of student grands and support for children from ethnic minorities.

Despite the fact that Vietnam’s economy has been strong in recent years, numerous families still live below the poverty line. With a lack of financial resources, children are forced to abandon their studies in order to help their parents. Afflicted with problems with health and housing, or even financial insecurity, a good number of our beneficiaries and their families need long-term support to bounce back and aspire to a better future. To improve the daily life of the most disadvantaged children and provide long-term schooling, Enfants d’Asie works in collaboration with local partners and offers children full support ranging from social monitoring to educational support.

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