Enfants d'Asie, des avenirs à construire !

La philosophie d’Enfants d’Asie

The philosophy of Enfants d’Asie

la philosophie d'Enfants d'Asie

The philosophy of Enfants d’Asie

la philosophie d'Enfants d'Asie

Enfants d’Asie: a brighter future for disadvantaged children in South East Asia

Our mission is to help disadvantaged children in South East Asia to build a better future for themselves and emerge from poverty in a sustainable way.

Enfants d’Asie’s support logic is twofold

  • Individualised: detailed knowledge of the child, his family, his school, his habitat (village/slum…)
  • Collective: wish to reach as many children as possible by accompanying a school, a village

In addition, we support two types of beneficiaries: internal beneficiaries, sometimes orphans or those whose families cannot afford to care for them, who are accommodated in our centres or in boarding schools ran by external partners, and beneficiaries, living with their families

Guidelines that infuse Enfants d’Asie’s projects

To do this, our organisation has set some guidelines that infuse its entire project:

Intervene on anything that could have an impact on school enrollment

Picto d'un enseignant au tableau
Enfants d'Asie : Distribution de nourriture
  • support for basic and material needs:
    • accommodation in centres: decent housing for residents, balanced meals
    • payment of registration fees, tuition fees and school supplies: school bags, notebooks, uniforms …
    • distribution of food to the family if necessary, to avoid the child’s dropout
  • medical and psychological care in emergency medical assistance centres, also available to externals
  • moral support and social care of the families in the case of individual support: individual support for each child with knowledge of his or her social context (family, village, …)
  • tutoring according to the children’s needs:
    • help with homework
    • additional lessons offered if needed

Enable autonomy and empowerment

valeur responsabilité chez Enfants d'Asie
valeur ajoutée Enfants d'Asie : Respect
  • transmission of values:
    • commitment: in his education, within the community
    • respect: of oneself, others, the environment
    • responsibility: ability to make reasoned choices
  • educational project adapted to each age:
    • hygiene, politeness and self-confidence for the youngest: in the shelters via the presence of parent assistant
    • risk awareness (related to drugs, alcohol, sex), reflection on future projects and the role of responsible adults for the eldest: participative workshops proposed by teachers or external NGOs
  • extracurricular activities suggestions promoting development and fulfilment, and stimulating personal reflection: sport activities, educational workshops (including on ecology), debates
  • education of a future actor in the development of his country:
    • guidance support: career days or “career choice” days
    • support in professional and personal choices allowing to support the child’s family, community and the development of his country
    • reinforcement of skills according to the project of the child or the young adult (computer, English…)

Accompany over time and depending on the beneficiary's living environment

Valeur accompagnement chez Enfants d'Asie
Valeur ajoutée Enfants d'Asie
accompagnement 2
  • no substitution to the family or the educational system:
    • family life as much as possible
    • enrolment in the country’s schools and universities
  • monitoring from primary school to active life:
    • support until stable and decent work is obtained
    • no selection according to school results
  • mentoring by local social workers:
    • better knowledge of cultural specificities
    • greater ease of communication and exchange and close supervision
  • open programmes and new integrated beneficiaries according to the needs identified by local partners or schools
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