Enfants d'Asie, des avenirs à construire !

Elodie’s Testimony

“I am a young 28 years old amateur photographer. A few years ago, I participated to a humanitarian mission in Cambodia with Children of Asia which had a profound and lasting effect on me. Cambodia became the country of my heart, a country in which I promised myself to go back with the camera in the hand. Which is what I did seven years later by contacting back Children of Asia who made me the pleasure to welcome me in Phnom-Penh. Each day I went in the children’s home Borey Komar where the children live to photograph simple moments, full of softness and poetry. I embraced their life; an ordinary life rife with small fabulous moments, moments that I shared with you during my very first exhibition, for the benefit of the association, which took place in Paris on November 8th, 2017.”   Elodie, volunteer


Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, Elodie’s pictures were printed out and are today on sale for the profit of the association (100 euros per unit). Here’s a preview, don’t hesitate to contact us if interested! 

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