Enfants d'Asie, des avenirs à construire !


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Enfants d’Asie is often looking for volunteers.
Contact us on 01 47 00 19 00. Thank you for your support!



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Our organisation

Enfants d’Asie is a recognized public utility association certified by IDEAS and established in 1991. It enables underprivileged children from South-East Asia to build themselves a better future and to escape long-term poverty.

Enfants d’Asie is currently supporting more than 10,500 children in Cambodia, Laos, The Philippines and Vietnam. It caters to children’s basic needs and insures their education and training up until professional integration. The association enables the underprivileged youth to secure a stable employment thus insuring an evolution of the family situation and that of the community while contributing to the economic situation of the country.

The context

Since 1991, Enfants d’Asie has been working in Cambodia in collaboration with the Cambodian Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Education.

Enfants d’Asie supported the reconstruction of state orphanages to take care of orphans, but also children from very poor families, to provide for their basic needs and their schooling.

Enfants d’Asie (EA) currently supports 1100 children:

  • In its own centers: two children’s residential care institutions and one student center
  • Community based children, promoting their access to schooling and encouraging family efforts to keep their child in school as far as possible
  • EA supports 15 state orphanages throughout the country.

The local team is made up of 36 employees who monitor programs and supervise homes. The team is currently working to reorganize and strengthen the support and social monitoring of children and their families.

The mission offered is based in one of our children’s residential center: Borey Komar (the city of children in khmer). This center welcomes 56 children and teenagers, and is run by a team of dedicated staff: one director, one deputy director, 4 educators, 4 “mummies” and one guard.

Mission description

Under responsibility of the director of the center, the volunteer will support the daily activities.

Main tasks:

  • Project management on educational activities – focused science and manual creations:
  • Research
  • Writing proposal with main goal and evaluation
  • Budget plan
  • Implementation
  • Internal communication (newsletter, internal communication for children and workers)
  • Support deputy or director if necessary (minutes, logistic, drafting)
  • Outings activities (2 per month maximum, on Sunday)

Depending on the skills of the volunteer, other project management related to the children’s development that the NGO wants to develop for its beneficiaries can be implemented.

The list is not exhaustive and may vary according to priorities in the centre.

Ville Phnom Penh
Expériences / Formation du candidat Skills and abilities:

  • Motivation for social work
  • Fluent English
  • Good sense of human relationships
  • Autonomy
  • Dynamism
  • Strictness
  • Respectfulness
  • Communication softwares can be a plus: PAO/DTP (illustrator, InDesign)
Experience 0 à 3 ans
Fonctions Communication, Gestion de projets/programmes
Secteurs d’activité Education / Formation, Social
Pays Asie, Cambodge
Salaire / Indemnité Conditions:

  • Private housing available
  • Food can be provided 3 times per day
Comment postuler Documents to send:

Please send your CV and cover letter in English to the following address before the 30th of April 2019: recrutement@enfantsdasie.com specifying the title of the position

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