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Transmettre - legs - Enfants d'Asie

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Transmettre - legs - Enfants d'Asie

Giving a chance as a legacy

It is possible to make a legacy, a donation or a life insurance policy for the benefit of Enfants d’Asie :

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What can I give by bequest or donation ?

There is no minimum value for a legacy or donation. You can bequeath or donate to Enfants d’Asie any movable or immovable property: a sum of money, an apartment, a house, furniture, jewellery, patents, a work of art, treasury bills, etc.

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How can I help Children of Asia ?

You can support the association in several ways. First of all, during your lifetime, Enfants d’Asie is entitled to receive tax-deductible donations or charitable donations. In addition.

Enfants d’Asie is entitled to receive legacies and profits from life insurance policies taken out for its benefit. Your support will then be given to the association after your death.

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How can I be sure that Children of Asia will receive my legacy or life insurance ?

We strongly recommend that you inform a notary of the arrangements you wish to make. In complete confidentiality, he will register your will in the Central Register of Last Will and Testamentary Dispositions. When it comes time to settle your estate, he or she will have the measures you have decided on in your will carried out and will inform the beneficiaries of the life insurance policies you have taken out. At the same time, you must also inform Children of Asia when you take this step.

If you wish to obtain documentation on legacy, donation or life insurance for the benefit of Enfants d’Asie, or to exchange with us, please contact us :

Retrouvez d’autres informations sur le site des Notaires de France.