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For 25 years Enfants d’Asie, an organisation recognised as a public service, has allowed disadvantaged children in South East Asia to construct a better future and escape poverty in the long term, thanks to education. Without the support of our sponsors, it would be impossible for the children to receive long term schooling and to benefit from overall and close support.

Au siège, nous recherchons régulièrement des bénévoles pour des missions ponctuelles : traduction de documents en anglais, mise sous pli…

Concernant les missions de terrain Enfants d’Asie recherche des Volontaires de Solidarité Internationale dans les 4 pays d’intervention régulièrement et des missions bénévoles selon les besoins.

Malgré des résultats très positifs en matière de développement et de croissance, nos pays d’intervention doivent encore relever des enjeux de taille (accès à l’éducation pour tous, système de santé à la portée de tous, accès à l’emploi…) dans des contextes où de fortes inégalités entre les riches et les pauvres, zones rurales et zones urbaines demeurent.

Sans le soutien d’Enfants d’Asie, les enfants ne pourraient pas se rendre à l’école et bénéficier de notre accompagnement. Ils seraient dans l’impossibilité d’être scolarisés durablement, d’être formés et de trouver un travail stable.

Donations and taxes

Enfants d’Asie is an organisation recognised as a public service and certified by IDEAS, which attests to our good practices as regards governance, financial management and transparency. The organisation dedicates approximately 84% of its resources to social missions in the field. The activity report will also allow you to see the correct use of the funds.

Enfants d’Asie is an organisation recognised as a public service. To this end, it can receive contractual donations and bequests in addition to voluntary donations. It can issue tax receipts to its donors. Donations are deductible from income tax over 66% of the value of the donation.
Donations paid (financial sponsorship, skills-based sponsorship, waiver, donation on co-branded products) by companies subject to tax on the companies give entitlement to a tax reduction of 60%, within the limit of 0.5% of their turnover.


Le parrainage, geste de solidarité durable, permet de couvrir en partie les besoins primaires et la scolarisation des enfants que nous accompagnons, le tout en respectant leur culture. La régularité des dons permet d’assurer une continuité dans le soutien que l’on apporte aux enfants et jeunes défavorisés.

They are children from very poor families, who are in an extremely precarious situation. They live either with their families or in a centre managed directly by Enfants d’Asie or by local partners and who mainly attend state-owned schools. The teams on site identify the children who are most in need.

There is no time limit for your donation. Regular donations can make a real difference in the long term. Of course, you can stop your donation whenever you like.

Enfants d’Asie will suggest a child for you to sponsor according to the urgency of the situation and the files that are outstanding. As such, it is not possible to choose the age or sex of the child. However, you can choose whether to support a child of school age, a student or a group of children.

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