Enfants d’Asie in Cambodia

 Since 1991, Enfants d’Asie has been working in Cambodia in collaboration with the Cambodian Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Education.

Enfants d’Asie supported the reconstruction of state orphanages to tae care of orphans, but also children from very poor families, to provide for their basic needs and their schooling.

Enfants d’Asie (EA) currently supports 1100 children:

  • In its own centers: two children’s residential care institutions and one student center
  • Community based children, promoting their access to schooling and encouraging family efforts to keep their child in school as far as possible
  • EA supports 15 state orphanages throughout the country.

The local team is made up of 36 employees who monitor programs and supervise homes. The team is currently working to reorganize and strengthen the support and social monitoring of children and their families.

The mission offered is based in one of our children’s residential center : Borey Komar (the city of children in khmer). This center welcomes 64 children and teenagers, and is run by a team of dedicated staff: one director, one deputy director, 4 educators, 4 “mummies” and one guard.


 Under the responsibility of Borey Komar director,  the volunteer will be in charge of the following main tasks :

 Help educators in their different tasks:

  • Remind the rules described in the Internal Regulations
  • Check the attendance of each child, allow children to enter or leave the center according to the Internal Regulations
  • Check the cleaning of the center (bedrooms, common areas, outside areas)
  • Propose and plan entertainments: sport, games, cultural and creative activities
  • Make sure that children do homework on time and attend the extra classes
  • Accompany children for outside activities


Help direction in there different tasks:

  • Help director or deputy when necessary (minutes, logistic, drafting)
  • Work on evaluation of different activities
  • Work on awareness raising activities

Specific tasks:

  • Manage the school follow up each month (meeting and reporting)
  • Special follow up of children with difficulties




Educator, social worker or experience with disabled children/children with difficulties.


  • Experience with children (by group or individual follow-up)
  • Good interpersonal skills and team spirit
  • Autonomy, adaptability and respect
  • Native Khmer with good skills in English or bilingual French/English or bilingual French/ Khmer or bilingual English/ Khmer
  • Experience in communication, PAO/DTP (illustrator, indesign), can be an advantage


How to apply

 Send a CV and cover letter to both following email addresses:



Title of email: Volunteer Children’s Center

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